One of the Astonishing South Asian Countries – Cambodia


Cambodia is an astonishing Southeast Asian country, with amazing architecture and historic sites. Unfortunately, the country is famous for its Cambodian-Vietnam War, which lasted about 20 years and decreased the good publicity for the country. Breathtaking nature surrounds you with large forests, many lakes and tranquil beaches. Besides, another advantage for you would be the use of American Dollars, despite having their own currency.

You must see Angkor Wat on your trip to Cambodia. The monument is the largest religious one on the entire globe and accounts 9 centuries of existence. It is a beautiful example of Dravidian elements and was initially dedicated to Hindu Gods. Foreigners know it for the location of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and a part of the monument got the nickname of Jolie`s Temple. The Khmer Temples are very different from Western buildings, so try to visit as many as you can. Siem Reap and Tonlep Sap are great towns for your vacation and the beauty of lake houses will surprise you. Koh Ker preserves the ruins of the Ancient Khmer Empire.

Cambodians aren’t Hindu anymore, but Buddhists. Greetings consist in putting your hands together (as in praying) and taking a slow bow. Don’t do it hastily, otherwise they’ll get offended. They prefer handshakes anyway when dealing with foreigners. Cambodia is the epitome of the saying ‘If anything can go wrong, it will’. Locals think ahead because something unpredictable always happens: blackouts, traffic jams, accidents, rescheduling and so on. Motorbikes are their favorite means of transportation. They don’t celebrate birthdays. They exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve, but birthdays are not relevant enough. Some religious persons don’t even remember the exact date. Cambodians respect hierarchies, so be careful when greeting. The monks who seem to walk so orderly do this because of their ranks.