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Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

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Fishing in Cabo San LucasFishing in Cabo San Lucas is a popular activity among sport fishermen and women. According to the Cabo San Lucas Tourist Board, over 12,000 fish are caught annually. That’s big business for Cabo — and what was once a quiet, beach village. With around five hundred chartered boats, tourists can pick and choose the type of sport fishing adventure they desire. At the end of the day, there is plenty of nightlife and activity, too, with hotels, restaurants and varied entertainment.

Where to Fish
According to an article by Captain George Landrum, “Most of the fishing in Cabo is within 40 miles of the port.” Cabo San Lucas is excellent fishing territory due to the cool, Gulf of California combining with the warm, Mexican coastal waters. Captain Landrum writes, “Combine these deep canyons and shallow rises with the mixing currents, and you’ll see why Cabo has become known as a prime fishing destination.”

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Types of Fish
Cabo San Lucas is called the “Marlin Capital of the World” due to its abundant striped, blue and black marlin. While marlin is the most popular fish to catch, tuna, rooster-fish, wahoo and dorado are among the fish found in the fertile water. Most sport fishing charters and tours enforce a catch and release program where tourists keep only what they can eat.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing Tours
The Los Cabos Tourism Board recommends the following chartered fishing tours:

Charter de Los Cabos
Local 48 y 49 E. Plaza Bonita Mall
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410
+52 624-143-4050

Gladiator Charters
Cabo Yacht Center
Cabo San Lucas Marina
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410

Hotel Buena Vista Beach resort
Km. 105 Carretera al Sur
Buena Vista, BCS 23580

Hotel Palmas de Cortez
Los Barriles
East Cape, BCS 23070

Josephine Charters
Cabo San Lucas Marina
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410

Picante Sportfishing
Plaza Puerto Paraiso Local 39-A
Marina Cabo
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410

Pisces Sportfishing
Barcos Piscis, S.A. de C.V.
Cabo Maritime Center Marina 8-6
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410

Redrum Sportfsihing
Blvd. Marina Cabo Plaza
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410

Gene Kira, Mexico Reports Editor (Western Outdoor News & Mexico Fishing News), states that boats leave “the Cabo San Lucas marina nearly 365 days per year (with pauses only for hurricanes or other tropical storms!),” so visitors would be wise to plan sport fishing trips with a careful eye on the international weather radar.

Teach Children About Healthy Lifestyle

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This post is very personal to me and it was very hard to write….

The reason it was hard to write?……with every word I type I feel major guilt…….guilt about letting down one of my children….guilt I am trying to overcome every day since my painful realization.

Few weeks ago I came to painful realization that my 8 year old son is starting to have weight issues and is addicted to JUNK FOOD.

See… teenage son is type 1 diabetic and I’ve been paying very close attention to his eating habits and lifestyle ever since he was diagnosed on December 2005.

Teach Children About Healthy Lifestyle At that time my youngest was only 3 years old and not much of an eater….loved vegetables….ate little and whatever I gave him…didn’t take food and snacks anytime he wanted…..had lots of exercise.

Somewhere in between while taking care of his brother’s needs I forgot that my little boy is getting older….eating more…..

I figured….he’s still very active….we do a lot as a family….he’s in many sports…..

….., but I overlooked him….getting his own snacks and food anytime he feels hungry or bored.

Having assortment of treats at the house wasn’t problem before he got old enough to help himself….

I thought playing hockey….baseball….golf….swimming…..running around the house with dog is enough exercise to keep him healthy.

I forgot one important thing…..overeating…..and eating unhealthy foods was killing my son’s metabolism and turning my little healthy boy into very unhealthy child with weight issues and risk of ending up with another diabetic child….this time type 2.

The reality set in….I got scared….I cried….I talked to my teenage son and I asked him for help to turn his little brother into my healthy boy again.

….One of the worst days of my life….

It’s been a week since then I couldn’t be prouder of both of my boys working hard towards new healthy lifestyle.

The worst part of the whole family-get-healthy challenge was talking to my little boy about turning into unhealthy child with food additions….

Teach Children About Healthy Lifestyle How do you talk to your 8 year old about you thinking that he has weight issues and that his lifestyle needs to change….right now before it gets worse?

Well, his big brother and I explained to him how much we love him and how no matter how he looks we’ll always love him….., BUT……
…..we noticed he is not eating healthy and he’s eating too much of the bad foods….

…..eating lots of bad food is stopping his body from working properly so no matter how much exercise he gets he is still gaining weight….

After a good talk and of course many tears we assured him that he still gets to enjoy the treats he loves, but in moderation and with combination of good foods so his body can do it’s job and help him to lose weight and keep him healthy.

Then we brought out most of our pantry and showed him the difference between different cereals….granola bars….treats…breads….

We let him to organize them from The Best to The Worst.

After learning about healthy and unhealthy foods…..learning about portion control……I made a commitment to my children to participate in a healthy activity with them every single day for at least 1 hours.

Next day as a part of our new healthy lifestyle I took my son grocery shopping for our camping trip….I wanted to see if he learned anything about healthy foods.

I was so proud….he was reading all labels….making educated choices (portion vs. calories)….asking for my opinion…

It was the longest grocery shopping trip…..ever, but I was in heaven….right there and then I knew that few months from now my child will be once again happy and healthy child.

We also bought new vitamins…..fiber supplement…..and new outdoor game……

It’s been a week and I am happy to report that:

  • my boys are taking their daily vitamins
  • my little boy is excited about mixing his daily fiber supplement into his low calorie juice
  • I let my kids let me plan meals for the day
  • my little boy asks me for food and drinks (no more sneaking around)
  • we are having fun exercising daily as a family (I love this special time)

Both of my boys are finally leading healthy lifestyle and my unhealthy boy with food addiction is on his way to become…..perhaps….a fitness guru…you never know.

Please, learn from my mistakes……TEACH YOUR CHILDREN about HEALTHY LIFESTYLE early in their life…..


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Cambodia is an astonishing Southeast Asian country, with amazing architecture and historic sites. Unfortunately, the country is famous for its Cambodian-Vietnam War, which lasted about 20 years and decreased the good publicity for the country. Breathtaking nature surrounds you with large forests, many lakes and tranquil beaches. Besides, another advantage for you would be the use of American Dollars, despite having their own currency.

You must see Angkor Wat on your trip to Cambodia. The monument is the largest religious one on the entire globe and accounts 9 centuries of existence. It is a beautiful example of Dravidian elements and was initially dedicated to Hindu Gods. Foreigners know it for the location of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and a part of the monument got the nickname of Jolie`s Temple. The Khmer Temples are very different from Western buildings, so try to visit as many as you can. Siem Reap and Tonlep Sap are great towns for your vacation and the beauty of lake houses will surprise you. Koh Ker preserves the ruins of the Ancient Khmer Empire.

Cambodians aren’t Hindu anymore, but Buddhists. Greetings consist in putting your hands together (as in praying) and taking a slow bow. Don’t do it hastily, otherwise they’ll get offended. They prefer handshakes anyway when dealing with foreigners. Cambodia is the epitome of the saying ‘If anything can go wrong, it will’. Locals think ahead because something unpredictable always happens: blackouts, traffic jams, accidents, rescheduling and so on. Motorbikes are their favorite means of transportation. They don’t celebrate birthdays. They exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve, but birthdays are not relevant enough. Some religious persons don’t even remember the exact date. Cambodians respect hierarchies, so be careful when greeting. The monks who seem to walk so orderly do this because of their ranks.