Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San Julian

The Puerto San Julian area of Argentina is popular with campers, particularly Estancia La Paloma. Not only does the area offer camping atmosphere at the lodge, but it also offers more basic camping through the Municipal Campground. Travelers to this area can try their hand at the local hunting, or simply enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. Estancia La Paloma is near Puerto San Julian, which has restaurants and shops.

La Paloma Riverside

Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San JulianLa Paloma Riverside was built in 2004 as a place for guests traveling to the area specifically for hunting. The lodge was rated five stars by leading industry magazines and experts. It covers more than 7,800 square feet of space, including a 1,100 square foot living room. The lodge is open during the winter and summer months, and in the winter it schedules events in the living room near the fireplace. All of the rooms in the lodge have hunting themes, such as stuffed and mounted animals on the walls. The lodge itself has 10 separate guestrooms: six on the first floor and four on the second floor. The rooms on the second floor have balconies that overlook the water. The top floor contains its own bar with alcoholic drinks and a viewing area. All rooms have a private bathroom and two beds.

Camping Municipal

Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San JulianCamping Municipal is the campground at Estancia La Paloma. The campground offers laundry facilities and hot showers, though guests must pay an additional fee to use those services. Each of the campsites comes with its own cooking area or fire pit. These fire areas are placed on top of metal pieces and raised off the ground to keep the food safe during cooking. Guests can contact the campground at 011 +001 02962 452806. It’s the only campground located in the area and it is separate from the lodge, meaning campground guests can access the lodge.


Estancia La Paloma Camping in Puerto San JulianTravelers camping at Estancia La Paloma have access to different activities. Guests of the lodge have the option of swimming in the outdoor swimming pool, or resting on the attached deck. The lodge also offers tours of the nearby woods and hunting trips. Guests of the campground can enjoy more than 1,000 yards of shoreline and watch the doves that gather in the area for food. These activities are open to all guests, including those staying at the lodge and those at the campground.