Truth Behind The Cubeless Showers

Today modern infrastructure is getting very advanced, and every single thing is getting more unique and appealing. Not only in tall buildings but there are also many unique designs that we can install in our homes as well. Meanwhile, a lot of lovely and stylish bathrooms are coming up in the market these days such as Victorian, traditional style, steam shower, etc. which adds a feeling of warmth to our bathroom leaving us mesmerized.

One of those designs is curbless showers. These are also known as walk-in showers because these are pervasive features of universal design that gratify needs of almost all users despite age, mobility, etc. it gives a subtle look to our bathroom and gives it a seamless look. So let’s see what the facts while sizing your curbless bathroom are.

Considering the points below you’ll be able to size your curbless shower correctly.

  • The first thing you should look is the availability of space in your bathroom because the curbless showers require a larger area than that of a regular shower. Once it is determined you can think of that of what size you want it to be fit in.
  • Wide depth– the length and bottom of the curbless showers are very analytic. If the depth of the shower will be small then it’ll be complicated to keep water in, therefore it’ll be very significant if the depth of the shower is kept broad. It also gives a very comfortable experience.
  • Large shower size- the larger shower has many good points such as it‘ll be natural to make the floor of the shower gradually the sloped to the drain. And it’ll still contain the water. The large size of the shower allows eliminating deformed surfaces so that all the four wheels of the shower device stay in contact with the floor.

A lot of manufacturers allow the shower depth to be as small as 30 inches, but the ideal depth should be minimum 36 inches. Even this is not safe also should be improved to 42 inches, or 48 inches is even better than that.

Many people even prefer larger shower areas especially those who need caregiver help while bathing. A shower of 5 by 5 feet allows sufficient space for an individual and an assistant as well.

Additionally, you can incorporate steam shower in the curbless bathroom, i.e., covered with seamless glass from ceiling to floor, what can be more exciting than that.

Conclusively, Curbless shower looks very classy and stylish. It gives an expensive look for our bathroom. Also, these showers eliminate your everyday efforts as these are very easier to clean .moreover, cleaning the doors of the shower enclosure sometime can be very tedious but curbless showers eliminate the need of cleaning them, and also it saves the cost of shower door as well. So these are some of the pros of walk-in baths. Another innovative feature you can install is a shower niche that will make your shower room look simple yet elegant.