What Are Some Of The Best DIY Birthday Party Decorations?

Worried about getting a verjaardagscadeau voor vriend? You want it to be a surprise but can’t really figure out what he or she wants. How about throwing a surprise birthday party? Well, it’s safe, fun and always works to delight besties.

Now, throwing a birthday party is anyday a big deal. It’s especially when you are doing it for your friend and you want it to be the best. From food to drinks to inviting guests- there are so many things to be planned and executed. And of course, you need to take care of the party decorations as well. How about DIY decorations? It would be economical, fun and most importantly will add a dose of personal touch to the whole thing.

Here are some ideas on DIY birthday party decorations.

Paper Garlands

Forget those paper garlands stacked up at local stores with exorbitantly high price tags. There is no point in wasting lion’s share of your party budget on them. What if DIY makes them easy to get and cheap as well? Oh, boy! They are a beauty and always add a lovely edge to the entire party ambience. Be it the colorful paper garlands or the shiny sparkly ones – these are easy to make and with less effort.

Paper Flowers

Flowers on a table always make the table look vibrant and classy. But they don’t stay fresh for long which is why paper flowers can come to the rescue. Color papers, gum, sticks and a green tape are all that you will need to make DIY paper flowers. Craft a bright bouquet and place it on the table where your bestie will cut her birthday cake.

Painted Bottles

DIY painted bottles are the easiest of all birthday party DIY décor ideas. All you will need here are your used bottles and paint. So, if you have been thinking of throwing your old bottles for a while- please, DON’T. You can easily paint them up in nice colors and use them as flower vase for your paper/natural flowers.

Photo Booth

Who doesn’t like to take photos? Be it selfies or groupies or portraits – photos let you to cherish your lovely moments forever. And a birthday party is never complete without party pictures. And that means a DIY photo booth is a must for your bestie’s birthday party. You don’t have to do much to create a photobooth. Just select a corner of the room and deck up the wall with a cool backdrop or some nice DIY wall décor. Tell your friends to click photos on your decorated corner.

String Lights

String lights are easily available in the market. But they can only look party ready if you can add some colors to them. And DIY colorful string lights would add life to any birthday whether you host it indoor or outdoor. So, get some string lights, bring up your bestie’s favorite colors and make things more vibrant.

Party Balloons

Buy some round shaped balloons from the local store and get some cooled dust sparkles and PVC glue. Blow the balloons up to a certain size and cover them halfway with the glue. Add the sparkles on the area that has glue and let them dry. Voila! You have party ready shiny sparkly balloons all set to pump up the celebration.

Disco Ball

What’s a birthday party without some jazzy sparkly things around? A DIY disco ball is a perfect match for this occasion. These vibrant balls will especially complement retro themed parties.

Ribbon Chandeliers

A ribbon chandelier may be the easiest thing to make because it needs completely zero efforts. Just get a small size hoopla hoop. Then, cover the ring up with ribbons, sparkly cloth papers or string of plastic flowers and make them hang half way down. It’s a very simple and beautiful idea for DIY of outdoor parties for sure.

These were some of the DIY part decoration ideas for you. Whoever says that planning a party is very pricey, tell him to think DIY. Tell him how you could cut out your cost with these DIY party decoration ideas. End of the day who does not like a birthday party that’s not only is light on your pocket but also is mesmerizing and memorable.